Say Goodbye to Rust, Calcium and Oil Stains

Schedule exterior house cleaning & rust removal services in Stonewall & Shreveport, LA

When oil leaks stain your driveway or rust covers parts of your home, who can you call for help? That's easy - count on the pros at S 2 Exteriors, LLC to provide efficient cleaning services. We offer top-notch oil, calcium, debris and rust removal services for home and business owners in Stonewall & Shreveport, LA.

Want your home to be the talk of the neighborhood? Schedule exterior house cleaning services today.

Find out if you need exterior cleaning services

Our cleaning crew offers a wide variety of exterior house cleaning services in Stonewall & Shreveport, LA. Reach out to us for help when:

  • Oxidation and humidity cause concrete and other surfaces to rust
  • Calcium buildup leaves a white film on your homes bricks
  • Vehicles have leaked oil onto your driveway leaving unsightly stains

To learn more about our calcium, debris and rust removal services, call 318-771-2231 now.